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A few years after getting married, the company restructured, so Yu's husband is now looking for a new job. Because she wanted to help her husband somewhat, Yu wanted to do the modeling job that a previous acquaintance introduced her to. At first Yu just wanted to be a normal photo model, but when the lingerie model unexpectedly couldn't come, she agreed to become a lingerie model instead. Takeda was Yu's photographer. He discovered that Yu felt horny when wearing underwear in front of everyone and being photographed. Because customer feedback was so good, Yu was asked to continue working as a lingerie model. This time while resting, Takeda used the excuse of wanting to massage Yu to touch her body. Even though he said "no", Yu's body made no move to stop Takeda. Just waiting for that, Takeda immediately fucked her right on the second floor, even though everyone was still taking pictures right below. Since that time, it was difficult for Yu to see Takeda again. The three-month period was about to end, so she wanted to stop modeling. But at this time, she was asked by Takeda to be a model again, and Yu did not refuse. And that day, Yu officially ignored everything, went to the hotel with Takeda, wore the lewd lingerie he gave her, actively made love to him and asked him to shoot his cum all over her pussy...

JUL-289 He took pictures of his luck and his lustful wife

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 Movie Code: JUL-289 

 Movie Studio: Madonna 

 Actor: Yu Shinoda 

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