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Her husband's boss was injured in both hands, and his wife had to return home to attend the death anniversary, so Fukazawa decided to let his wife Inori come and take care of her boss. Even though she had met her husband's boss many times and knew he was not a bad person, she still felt a bit worried. And just like what she thought, he seemed completely different from before, constantly using words to sexually harass her, making Inori feel extremely uncomfortable. However, her husband's boss always helped the two of them, so Inori continued to take care of him. And then, he revealed to her the secret about this wound, the wound that Inori's husband was the one who caused. If this matter is discovered by the company, her husband will not only be fired but may also be arrested! He agreed to keep this a secret on the condition that... she must give herself to him. Because of her husband, Inori had to endure it, letting her husband's boss lick all over her sexy body and fuck her anytime he wanted! However, with his skillful techniques, her body gradually refused to obey, and Inori did not even understand her own feelings. Some time later, the boss's wife returned, his hand was healed, and Inori no longer needed to come and take care of him. But she could never forget the feeling of happiness that her boss brought. Inori proactively went to his house and enjoyed sexual pleasure together.

JUL-414 Ask your wife to take care of your boss who has an accident

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 Movie Studio: Madonna 

 Actor: Inori Fukazawa 

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